Back squat (6x2 @80% )

Push press (6×2 @80% )

Complete 2 reps of back squat followed by 2 reps of push press a minute after.
You have 25 minutes to complete all the reps

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

8 min Amrap
15 Chest to Bar
45 Double Unders

Owen Sutton
Looking forward to this at 7pm. Well, looking forward to the drive home, anyway!
Phil Brown
Great session at the 09:15 this morning. Class pretty much full and a nice strength combo of back squat and push press. Nice too see some of the more advanced girls moving so confidently in the push press and seeing others still getting more range and familiarity with this press movement.

Added bonus - subbing in wall ball 2-fer-1s instead of pull ups for Coach G and watching that give him some pause hahahaha!

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