For time:

10 rounds of:
10 squats
5 standing tuck jumps

Then, immediately:

Max push ups in one minute

Warm down with moving stretches over 5-10 minutes.

For the moment!

Finish with 10 - 20 minutes, sitting or standing and being still. If this is a new thing for you, just have a play with it....

Find a position of comfort, where your posture is not forced.

Become aware of your breathing and give some gentle focus to a quiet, full out - breath. As you exhale, let your body continually let go and relax.

Let your thoughts arise naturally, don't try to "quieten" your mind. Keep your awareness in your body and enjoy relaxing more and more. 
It makes no difference whether thoughts race or not, just let them happen.

Don't force the time you spend in this exercise. Aim for 10 minutes or so if you have never tried this before. You may find that you are really enjoying just sitting and being. If so, go with it, relax into it for as long as you fancy.




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