Monday 30th

5 x 3 @ 90%
21, 15, 9
KB Swings (32/24)
Goblet Squats
*300m Run after each round

Tuesday October 1st

Power Clean 1RM
5 x 90s AMRAPS with 90s rest between:
5 Thrusters @ 60/40kg
10 Burpees Over Bar
AMRAP Cal Row in remaining time

Score is calories rowed

Wednesday 2nd

Tiff (AMRAP - Rounds)
On a 25-minute clock,
Run 1.5 miles
Then perform as many rounds as possible of:
11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
7 hang squat cleans, 70/55kg
7 push presses, 70/55kg
United States Army Capt. Benjamin David Tiffner, 31, of West Virginia, died Nov. 7, 2007, when his vehicle was struck by an improvised-explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq, while he was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 1996, Tiffner was nominated by Senator Robert Byrd to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He graduated from the Academy in 2000. After six years of service, Tiffner graduated from the Special Forces Qualification Course and was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Tiffner’s mother, Judith, said her son always wanted to serve.
To learn more about Tiff click here

Thursday 3rd

3 Round Super Set:

6 Push Press @ 85%
90s Rest


6 Single Arm Bent Over Row (Bench Supported) (6 per arm)
90s Rest
Teams of 3
5 Rounds each of;
10 Cal Bike or row
20 Alt. DB Snatch (22.5/15kg)

*5 BBJ's after each set

Friday 4th

Front Squat
8 x 3 @ 40X1

20 Min AMRAP:
5 T2B
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

Saturday 5th

In Pairs:

6000/5000m Row for Time... meanwhile the following must be completed by 1 of the pair:

1 Rope Climb
5 Power Cleans (80/55kg)
7 Burpees Over Bar

Sunday 6th
Bodyweight endurance session

Monday 7th

Tempo Front Squats
5 x 5 @ 55% 1RM or RPE 8/10  at Tempo @ 40X1

15 Min EMOM
1) 15 Thrusters (42.5/30kg)
2) 12/10 Cal Air Bike (if only bike ergs go 15/12 cals)
3) 9 C2B Pull Ups

*Staggered start, everyone starts on Thrusters.

Tuesday 8th

Strict Press

Build to a Heavy 4
3 x 4 @ 90% of Heavy 4

50-40-30-20-10 Reps of:
Double Unders
Russian KB Swings (24/16kg)
Sit Ups

*Time Cap 14 Minutes*

Wednesday 9th

30 Min AMRAP
3 Hand Stand Push Ups
6 Deadlifts (Suggest 50% of true 1RM, no more than 60%)
9 Jump Squats
12 Burpees over Bar

*Every 3:00 = 200m Run

Thursday 10th

16min EMOM
1- 10 Weighted Chin Ups
2- 3-8 reps strict push ups (40X1)
3 - Max Effort Hollow Hold
4 - Rest

8 Rounds of:  60s work : 60s rest of:
5 Down Up Shuttle Runs (10m) + Max. Wall Balls
*6 x 6 foot mat.

Friday 11th

Open workout 20.1

Saturday 12th

Partner bodyweight endurance workout

Sunday 13th

Teams of 3 - Follow the leader:
Calories on any erg
Alt. DB Snatch (22.5/15kg)

*1 Rope Climb + 200m Run after each round


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