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Kimber Tyrer

Since I was a young I have always struggled with my weight. I have lost count the amount of different diets and exercise classes I have started only to soon give up as I felt they weren't right for me.

After endless sessions at the gym I would find myself feeling frustrated and deflated from the lack of results.

I soon came to the realisation one day after I paired up with a friend who pushed me beyond my normal routine that I worked better with help and guidance. That's when I decided to seek a class that could provide me with the motivation and support I needed to push myself beyond my limits. CrossFit was the perfect match! I was not only provided with help from coaches but was also made part of the CrossFit family. With the coaches' knowledge and intense workouts paired with the euphoric team atmosphere I was addicted. Every session I am pushed to put in 100% effort I leave each WOD so exhausted but so proud and ecstatic of what I had been able to achieve.

Another amazing thing about The Crossfit Place is that they advise you on what's best for you and your abilities. If you can't complete a WOD there is always a scaling that suits your individual needs and abilities so you never feel that you can't do something.

I've been attending CrossFit since January 2015 later this year I completed "tough mudder" never in my life would I have imagined myself accomplishing something so mentally & physically challenging, crossfit made this possible.

I initially started losing weight though sliming world back in 2012, with a total weight loss of 5 stone, but quickly did I learn if I wasn't sticking to the plan the weight piles back on. With the help of Phil Brown "Coach B", I attended a one-to-one session learning about diet & nutrition, during which i was given a diet plan with meal ideas to follow. 10 months of using this specifically tailored plan, along with attending the sessions, I have lost a total of 7 stone and feel the best I ever have! I am so much healthier, stronger, happier and confident now and it's all down to CrossFit!


debbie mills

Debbie Mills

Crossfit: The fountain of youth?

After 1.5 years of Crossfit I feel 15 years younger. I’m definitely stronger, have lots of energy, and am almost 50 lbs lighter. This year, part of my Halloween costume is a dress I wore 36 years ago. It is an amazing feeling to be able to fit into clothing from my 20s again! But “fountain” implies something easy. Although Crossfit can be scaled for any ability level, it isn’t about “easy”. The harder the work out, the more we like it.

I joined Crossfit to improve my riding skills. After a 13-year break from equestrian sports, I decided it was time to get back in the saddle. That was easier said than done. When I started riding again it was a few months after my 60th birthday. Much to my surprise, it felt like starting over - but with an older, weaker, heavier and less coordinated body. What used to be second nature - seemed impossible. I had also recently experienced a few falls and broken bones. It was time do something to get back in shape. A friend recommended Crossfit. Thank you Lyle! It changed my life.

Slow, steady, and safe: For me, progress is hard work and doesn’t come quickly. New personal bests (PBs) come 1 or 2 kg at a time. It can be disheartening when I’m the slowest in class and lift the least amount of weight. I have to remind myself that I’m not here to compete with people 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years younger than me. I do this for myself: to be stronger, fitter, and healthier. The important thing is that I keep getting better, even if the progress is slow.

Our box, The Crossfit Place, is a very special box. Weightlifting can be dangerous. So I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our COACHES, Phil, Gaz, and Dave for being encouraging and challenging and at the same time keeping it safe. They focus on correct form before letting us increase weight.

Finally, another nice thing about going to Crossfit, is interacting with people across a wide range of ages and backgrounds in a shared activity. Even though we are at different levels, everyone routes for each other. The Crossfit Place provides a warm and welcoming social atmosphere.

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jani evans

Jani Evans

According to Phil I am the most mature member of the gym!

I joined in April 2014 a year after I had had a double knee replacement in Ysbyty Gwynedd. I wanted to strengthen my legs so I wouldn't always be trailing last on my weekly walking group trips and to improve my general fitness. It seems to have done both.

My fitness improved quite quickly. I can generally climb up mountains without getting too puffed now and did a grade 1 scrabble 2 weeks ago but find coming down more difficult probably because of my knees.

I retired last September and I am feeling quite reassured as I was wondering whether I would be able to keep a big house and garden going as I got older without any paid help. However I feel much stronger and fitter now and can go for hours in the garden digging, hoofing manure about and mowing the lawn without feeling any the worse for wear! I also seem to have enough energy to work around the house including decorating but whether I want to is another matter!

So really Crossfit is more than paying for itself for me. I also kayak and my forward paddling is definitely more powerful now. Last week I tried eskimo rolling for the first time and nearly made it. Being fitter gave me the confidence to give it a go!