The CrossFit Place

The CrossFit Place is Anglesey and Gwynedd’s first CrossFit affiliate. We are based in Gaerwen, Anglesey. The facility is owned and run by official CrossFit coach and soft tissue therapist Phil Brown.

At the CrossFit Place, we teach movements and develop efficiency and power. We teach our members. We train our members. We want progress, we plan for progress. We believe that real physical training is hard work and that hard work reaps rewards. We believe that everyone is capable of harder work than they think.

More than this though, we know that hard work has to be carried out in the right direction to be useful. We teach good movement first and foremost. We add intensity as our members become skilled in the movements. We scale the level of intensity relative to the abilities and tolerances of individuals. In our workouts, athletes will train alongside grandparents using the same powerful movements at different loads and intensities.

We believe that most people don’t realise what they are capable of. We believe that teaching efficient movement opens the door for developing strength where there was weakness. We believe in developing strength to express in life and sports.

We teach everyone basic gymnastic movements and weightlifting. These develop strength and power in movements of the body and of objects. Helping someone to climb the stairs again without pain, or helping an athlete to a new personal best differs only in the intensity of the training, but the functional movements we all train in are the same.

We also believe in FUN!!

Training, although hard work, is great fun. The constantly varied workouts in CrossFit mean you will never get bored. The high intensity means that you will always feel you worked hard and that no training session was wasted. The community means that you will have a great laugh getting stronger, faster, leaner and more powerful.

Come and visit to find out more. Book in for a CrossFit taster session or simply come and chat with us over a panad! Get started today!