What is crossfit anglesey

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. The constant variation provides a different stimulus for the body each session, which results in a constant increase in fitness levels.

The functional movements we use are "amplifications" of the big, everyday movements a physically active person makes. Many of us have sedentary jobs however, so CrossFit workouts provide a way to maintain regular exercise while moving with power and efficiency.

The movements are performed at high intensity because intensity is essential for fitness to improve. This means getting out of breath and feeling fatigue during the workouts performed. Intensity is relative to each person and your coaches at The CrossFit Place are very experienced in working with different people to help them perform safely and within their limits.

But ask any of our members what CrossFit is and they might give you different answers......one of these will be that it is simply incredible fun! You will find you make great progress simply because doing CrossFit is enjoyble and exciting - you never know what the workout of the day is before it is posted on our site and there are loads of great physical skills and challenges to be learned whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete.

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