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HUGE congratulations to box members Suzie Jackson and Fran Kohn-Hollins and their rafting team for winning the IRF World Rafting Championships in the head-to-head race in Indonesia! First in the world ain't no small thing!!!!

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For those of you unable to make it, you can take a look at Caz's awesome performance down at the Battle of the Beasts 2015 competition.

We'd like to congratulate our very own Caroline Williams for doing herself and The CrossFit Place proud this weekend at the Battle of the Beasts competition down in Colchester.

She performed brilliantly and even achieved an outstanding 13th place finish in WOD 3. We're all very proud of you Caz!

She was ably supported by an equally impressive entourage who took full advantage of the facilities of the Crowne Plaza, including the cocktail menu and in-house night club.

Here are some things that The Crossfit Place has helped me learn or consolidate, what it’s contributed to my life, and why I wouldn’t want to be without it:

I’ve been going to Crossfit for just over a year and it’s changing my perspective on a lot of things. Most of the time I’m still the slowest and weakest at a WOD and so I feel qualified on this subject! Here are some things I am realising along the way; if you’re just starting out with Crossfit, particularly if you’re very unfit, I hope this helps.