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Benchmark workout "Diane" will rock your world with her challenge to move both a heavy weight and then your own body (while upside down of course)
for multiple reps. Perfectly representative of CrossFit's definition of fitness - Increased work capacity over broad time, modal and age domains - accessible to anyone through appropriate scaling and challenging to elite athletes with a deadlift weight of 102.5kg for men and 70kg for women.


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We are excited for Caroline, Coach G, Erin and Dyfed who have qualified going in 4th position for the Glacier Games in Gateshead on July 29th!
Well done on all your hard work guys and we look forward to comp day and seeing the team smash it!

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We always love the Women's gymnastics workshops! This one was the fourth one and it was great to have enthusiastic new members coming along and learning new stuff. Everyone had a laugh and came away with new things to practice and improve upon. We covered some movements and positions that we haven't touched on in detail in previous workshops, so the finer details of the burpee, the pistol squat and the double under were under the microscope.




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Congratulations to Cathy Fooks and Delyth Lloyd for working so hard in what was Delyth's first competition! It's always really encouraging to see our members go for it in comps and it takes some guts to go up against others and see where your fitness stacks up against them! Competition is a great way to get a realtime snapshot of where your fitness and skills are and can be very helpful for setting personal goals. Most of al, they are a heap of fun and a great way to get out there and meet others in our vibrant community!



Feel like you've hit a brick wall in your training progress? Fear not! Here are some effective ways of breaking new ground.

CrossFit is a tricky beast at times, but that's why so many of us stick at it; always a new skill to learn or improve upon, a new time to beat or a new load to lift. It's the very variety of the programming that keeps us coming back for more. Each day brings a new combination of movements, a new time zone to work within and a new experience for your body and mind.

Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.These are the 3 reasons why our programming works so well for so many of us. Even the fittest and strongest among us are still breaking new ground in their fitness. So why do we sometimes feel that things have ground to a halt? We start to notice that our workout times are not decreasing, or we aren't getting stronger on our lifts........and don't even mention double unders or kipping pull ups!

There are many reasons why you might feel stuck in the mud. A big part of the satisfaction and fun we gain from CrossFit is the progress that it is possible to be making on a weekly basis. Below are some suggestions that, based on my experience as head coach and owner of the CrossFit Place, will be very effective at getting you out of a rut. Try one or two and see how you go over the next couple of months.

Saturday June 10th, 1:30-4:30!!!

Back by popular demand! IT'S THE WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS WORKSHOP!!!!

In 3 hours, learn how to be a TOTAL NINJESS!!!!! least, learn what and how to practice in order to develop the skills of a NINJESS over time......

This class has seen amazing moments in the past..........want to get your handstand walk, or even your handstand?? This is the class for you!!
Terrified by the thought of the Frog Hold???? Come along and get to grips with that slimy bar steward!
Want to learn how to kip? Bring a nice, really, it's comfortable in the tea break.....
Been before and want more??? Come and HONE THOSE SKILLS!!!!
Are a woman???.......this course is for YOU!!!

Multi level and MULTI LAYERED, get on this!!!

£25.00 paid on arrival, no card payments available at present for courses.

£30.00 non members.


Course booking link